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Research – Parallel Project

Parallel Project – List of Illustrations & Bibliography

5.      References Below are noted the List of Illustrations and the Bibliography for the Parallel Project 5.1   List of Illustrations Fig 0-1. Tunnicliffe, C.F. (1981), Page 50, Tunnicliffe, C. (1981). Sketches of bird life. London: Victor Gollancz. Fig 0-2. Tunnicliffe, C.F.... Continue Reading →


6.1.9 Research Summary

This is a summary of the artists looked at in Sections 6.1.1 to 6.1.8. Looking at each of the artists in turn and quickly summarising what I have learnt about them, from then and what I will seek to take... Continue Reading →

6-1-8 Parallel Project – Research – Long

Artists – Travel Sketchbooks 8.  Long Richard Long (1945 – present) Long was researched previously for this course.  See section “4-3-7a  Additional Artist Research”. The following research is additional to the earlier research.  In this section I will concentrate on... Continue Reading →

6-1-7 Parallel Project – Research – Walter

Artists – Travel Sketchbooks 7.  Walter Stephen Walter (1975 – present) This is largely extracted and repeated form the earlier research in Learning Log (Blog) Section 5.3.3 of the coursework. Walter talking about the subject matter for his maps noted... Continue Reading →

Tablet Drawings – Parallel Project

In recent weeks I have researched some artists who use modern means to do sketches on location as well as another studio tool. Much like Hockney and Scarfe noted above, I have ‘dabbled’ in the relatively new work of ‘tablet... Continue Reading →

6-1-6 Parallel Project – Research – Scarfe

Artists – Travel Sketchbooks Scarfe Fraser Scarfe (1986 - present) An artist still in the process of carving his niche and making his name. Scarfe was the 2013 Drawing Year Programme Manager at The Royal School of Art. Growing up... Continue Reading →

6-1-5 Parallel Project – Research – Hockney

Artists – Travel Sketchbooks Hockney David Hockney (1937 – present)  David Hockney was born in Bradford and attended Bradford School of Art and later the Royal Academy School.  Stereotypically a northerner the Yorkshire born artist is unapologetic and brave in... Continue Reading →

6-1-4 Parallel Project – Research – Van Gogh

Artists – Travel Sketchbooks van Gogh Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) Van Gogh had no formal art training and indeed had already embarked on several other careers giving each up in turn before turning to art.  He had been... Continue Reading →

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