This sub-page collects in the one location the works presented for submission.

Click the image to see larger.

Each set below is referenced according to the numbering on the A1 mounting boards submitted for Assessment.

1.  Assignment and Exercise #1

2.  Exercises Part 2-1  [charcoal]

3.   Exercises Part 2-2  [wax etching]

4   Artists Book  [pastel, pen, paint, wire]

5.  Video, Erased Portrait

6.  Assignment 2

[Bamboo – pen, stain & subject]

7.  Mud Drawing [Parallel Project]

8.   Travel Drawing [Parallel Project]

mud, road dirt, coloured ink and pen

9.  Travel Drawing [Parallel Project]

10.  Mud Drawing [Parallel Project]

11.       140 Sketches [Parallel Project]

[mostly drawn en-plein-air], these are a sample

12   Two Panoramas  [Parallel Project]