Rana Begum: Space Light Colour

extract from website:

Rana Begum’s meditative and transformative work blurs the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture. It has affinities with the built environment and her use of repetitive geometric patterns – found both within Islamic art and the industrial cityscape – also takes its inspiration from childhood memories of the rhythmic repetition of daily recitals of the Qur’an.

Begum imposes order and structure through the frequent use of prefabricated mass-produced components, such as in her Mesh Installation that creates an immersive experience in the gallery space. Order, sequence and repetition are animated further by the application of alluring colour. Different materials and surfaces reflect and absorb light, whilst hues and colours create a range of chromatic effects provoking changing sensations as we move in and around her works and the spaces they occupy. (Lakeside Arts 2018)


But Begum subtly subverts her formal compositions. She never mixes pigment, but positions units of colour in such a way that light does the job for her, creating overlapping reflections that change as the viewer moves. Her “Folds” are wall-mounted metal sheets with creased edges whose undersides cast reflections so luminous that the sheets appear to be both floating away from and seeping into the wall. Form, colour and light: these three properties constitute her Trinity.   (FT.com, 2018)

Steffie Richards

” In taking a viewpoint that if we left behind us, a trace of our passing through a space, then this is my visualisation of how that space might seem.”      STEFFIE RICHARDS  

(Steffierichards-fineartist.co.uk. 2018)


Extract from Painting Statement

The choice of image is a reflection of things which are personally important to me – a measure of things I find valuable. They are fleeting glances of personal experience – moments of pride, moments sometimes unexplainable, but moments we identify with, ones which, make us unique in the way we are.

In taking a viewpoint that if we left behind us, a trace of our passing through a space, then this is my visualisation of how that space might be. It is the ‘visually’-invisible, but physical clutter I imagine we leave behind, within these moments when what we experience becomes a deeply personal and memorable event, embedded in our psyche, but which we can no longer prove existed.

My most recent subject matter came about through my enchantment with the whole ‘sand, sea and surf’ – coastal environment that I find so magical whenever I visit Cornwall: I don’t know exactly what it is that resonates so deeply with me here in this place, except maybe that this is where I feel at home. Trying to put this into context I believe can only come through making work which touches upon these enchanting moments.   (Steffierichards-fineartist.co.uk. 2018)

From Rags to Witches:

the grim tale of children’s stories

Once upon a time, fairy tales were not for children.

Using original archives and rare books from Manuscripts & Special Collections, From Rags to Witches explores a range of children’s literature, from the beloved to the forgotten tales that never got a happily ever after.

From bloodthirsty stories set in sinister European forests, to the benign bedtime tales set in comfortable Victorian nurseries, this exhibition traces the development of children’s literature through the generations.  (Lakeside Arts, 2018).

List of Illustrations

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