Reflection – Tutor Feedback on Part

Additional to the reflection on the course to date below is my reflection and response to the previous tutor report i.e. Report 2 dated July’17.  I have noted sections below which correspond to the report headings.  I will revert with feedback on section 1 at a later date.

Overall Comments

I am pleased that progress is evident from the work submitted both on line and in physical form.

It was noted that I have the potential to pass the assessment and it is my intention to continuing working towards assessment with the intention to pass.  The assessment date will most likely be the end of year assessment, I believe it would be in Dec ’18 with work submitted in Sept’18 ??

Project 1: Space, depth and volume

In common with my own view it was noted that the portrait of the black man to be the best of the works in this section, with the series as whole working well.  Earmark as a potential piece for assessment.

The success of this drawing was chiefly due to the use of tone and not the reliance of outline.  Others were not as strong but still had areas of success such as the dog which was well observed

I found this exercise / section quite a satisfying part of the course.  It was reminiscent of photo developing where a picture emerged from the gloom in a tray of chemicals.  The physical nature of the removal process was also enjoyable with a feeling of releasing the subject from the page much like a sculpture is released from a block of stone!

Project 2: Mark-making materials

Green Jug

It was noted that the first attempts were not success.  Trying to scrap away acrylic paint was I felt never going to be entirely successful as the paint is much stronger than the paper, and especially the paper used here.  If I wished to further the idea to use acrylic paint for such an exercise then more robust sub-strata such as hardboard, MDF, ply board or even a metal sheet would be needed.

The physical nature of this exercise (scraping away oil pastel) was also messy but enjoyable for much as the same reasons as the previous section.  I suppose that this process is much like the initial steps in the process of etching at least as far as the scraping of the plate.

Thinking on this exercise later I thought it might also be a useful mode of experimentation to do such a drawing cover in ink and press to paper.  It would be a much rougher method than etching but some interesting images might be produced for further working!  I note that I should have used a greater range of tools as scrapers.  I found the implement I used to be such a handy and successful device for this exercise I failed to look around further and experiment.

Project 3: Narrative

Steady development of confidence was noted in decision making and depicting the subject was noted.  Bill’s boots were mine, though they are similar boots (mine are a bit cleaner), once I started to draw Bill’s boots he was away wearing them so I substituted my own.

Afterwards I did feel like my mother-in-laws portrayals were a bit contrived and overall I am happier with the boots and the various ways depicted etc.  I had several goes at rendering the boots by similar but different means as well as using the medium and method of application as a means to reinforce the sense of strength and solidity (of the subject) which I was striving for.

Feedback on assignment

Yes, the bamboo is a great resource, though cutting some does result in a rash to wherever you have touched the leaves.  I have been promised a bundle of goose feather for quills and an interested to try them.

The prep work for assignment 2 was quite enjoyable.  I always find bamboo fascinating to look at, draw etc.  The negative space between branches, leaves and background add t that interest and i find that only by observing the negative space can sense be made of what you are looking when observing fro drawing, otherwise it is a confusion of lines an shapes.

Some of the pieces including the final assignment piece reminded me of the boldly patterned ’70’s wall paper, which is probably coming back into fashion.

I enjoyed doing the assignment piece and also feel it works very well, especially with the bamboo juice tinted paper.  It was also highly scented like cut-grass for a few days.


Clear signs of progress noted with a good amount of work for each project in addition to being experimental and open-minded.

In the last few months my own sketchbooks have been heavily weighted towards depicting places I have travelled to.

Since the last assignment submission I have had a holiday to Normandy, France, completed work and ‘retired’ and travelled for several weeks.  The travels have been fully documented en-situ with a few follow-ops later.  80% of the sketches have been done ‘en-plein-air’ in Normandy and subsequently in the UK, including Kent, the Midlands and the Scottish Highlands and a few places between.


I am glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the research of the artists.  Hopefully the latest report are as well received.

Parallel project / Critical Review

Don’t forget to start thinking and formulating ideas in relation to your parallel project and critical review. Of course I would be very happy if you wanted to run some ideas by me.

I will revert by email with the ideas on these subjects.


Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Your blog continues to be enjoyably readable, open and reflective.“

Hopefully the tidy organised nature of the blog reflects my work and understanding of the subject plus is easy to navigate for both tutor and assessors.

Suggested reading/viewing

I have also followed up on your suggested research into the work of Jai Redman and used extracted water and fluids for drawing /painting.  See separate blog article on this subject and work.  It can be found via the research/ Gallery Visits tab in the menus or the link below.

Pointers for the next assignment

  • Reflect on the tutor report

See this Reflection / Report for reflection of on Tutor Report 2, I will revert later with a reflection on report 1.

  • Keep an open mind and work with enthusiasm

I have done this and hopefully it is reflected in the work submitted along with the blog notes etc.

  • Research artists noted

See blog notes on research, found via the Coursework / Part 3 tab [Coursework tab menu reference 3-6], or via following link

  • Enjoy the process

I have, thought it has taken some time to complete!

Feedback for next assignment  

Written or video/audio  ??

I would prefer a written report as I will then be able to refer to it at future dates as I work through the course and if possible also a video /audio review [presume this is Google Hangouts conversation].


The work in this section of the course is much later than the initially suggested due date.  This was due to a number of factors but mainly just been “mad busy”.  In that period I have had a holiday to Normandy with extended family, worked my notice, ceased working and commenced travelling with my wife.  Going forward I should be able to devote more time to completing the courses elements either on time or more rapidly.  The usual target date of two months per section should be achievable.