My tutor suggested a follow-up to the research from the previous section

As in section 2 research ..”..Cornelia Parker’s use of inks and rattlesnake venom and anti-venom in her Poison and Antidote Drawing, you may be interested in the work of artist Jai Redman’s environmental work where for his watercolours he uses “water from the object itself or from a specific relevant source.” (  ...”

Continuing in the theme and manner a shown by Jai Redman I cast around for potential objects with enough water to become the subject as well as lending some fluid to the exercise.

Snaffling a few leaves from Sunday lunch I kept one aside as the subject and shredded three or four in bits and micro-waved these several times to leave the soft and squeezable!  The water was extracted by placing in a potato ricer and pressing it out.  The water has turned out quite cloudy and didn’t even settle or clear over several days.  Anyway it was clear enough to use as intended and it worked, see below.

First I have noted some examples of Jai Redman’s work.

Jai Redman

Redman uses water from a specific source or the extracted and pigmented fluid of the subject. In the examples below he has used the artists sweat and tears along with watercolour pigment to depict the fig leaf.  Also shown is a cabbage leaf found in Brooklyn, New York, completed utilising water collected from the East River in New York.  There are further examples of his work using the water extracted from a cabbage to draw /paint the object  and juice from an apple used to paint an apple.


Paradise Lost (2015)

Watercolour pigment,, artist’s sweat and tears on paper., 10 x 13 cm

This colourised study of the marble fig leaf once used to cover the genitals on the Victoria and Albert Museum’s copy of Michelangelo’s David, is painted using only sweat and tears.



A Cabbage (2014)
Watercolour on wallpaper., 50 x 83 cm unframed. Private collection.

An ornamental cabbage found in Brooklyn, New York, it is painted using water collected by the artist from the East River.

Deconstructed Cabbage
Water extracted from cabbage, watercolour pigment on paper., Jai Redman, 2016



An Apple (2014)

Extracted juice of the apple,, watercolour pigment on paper., 25 x 25 cm, Private collection.







Extracted water with subject, ‘Black Kale’
Photo – ‘Black Kale’ saved from Sunday dinner along with some other leaves for pressing to extract water.


Black Kale 1
Water soluble gel brown ink washed with extracted water from black kale
Black Kale 2
Watercolour using extracted water from black kale


“Water Mint”,
water mint picked from garden pond and watercolours applied using pond water

“Pondweed and water mint leaves”,
picked from garden pond and watercolours applied using pond waterContinuing on the theme of using water of a fluid extracted from the subject or a specific source I picked some water mint and pond weed from the garden pond along with a bottle of pond water.

A quick drawing of some water mint leaves was done and then painting using water colour paints along with water source form the pond the water mint had been growing within.  This was the followed using pond weed and water rom the same source to provide the subject matter for another watercolour sketch.

Casting around for another subject and ‘fluid’ I came up with the maybe bright idea of a drawing of baked beans in pen and bean juice (aka tomato sauce).  We will define the success of this once it has dried sufficiently to close the drawing pad and it does not glue itself to the other pages, does not turn mouldy.  I suppose it brings another sensory element to this section which is involved in the physicality of drawing.  Scratch and sniff.  As well as a visual art it is also a scented art!!

Applying these concepts of utilising a fluid etc from the subject or in associated with the subject a host of endless opportunities to experiment.  Letting your imagination loose you can see how obtuse and perverse the objects and fluid can be; a self-portrait in blood etc.

“Baked Beans”,
gel pen ink drawing with tomato sauce from beans applied as a colorant / stain in areas

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