Gallery Visit – Honfleur [Aug ’17]

A holiday in Upper Normandy afforded the chance to visit a gallery which I had read about but not had a chance to visit.  A day trip to Honfleur across the Seine from Le Havre finds you in a very touristy town with pretty medieval quayside teeming with cafes and the usual summer activities.  However, done a quiet street away from the crowds and you find the Musée Eugène Boudin.

During my visit in early August on view were works by a host of mainly French artists including:

  • Rene de st Delis
  • Henri de st Delis
  • Eugene Boudon
  • Gustav Courbet
  • Alexandre de Bourg

The main focus at the gallery during my visit was the “Normandy impressionist festival, in which  the museum Eugene Boudin Honfleur shows works by the  brothers Henri and René de Saint-Delis.  On show are more than 120 pieces.  The main focus of the exhibition and the gallery in general is the contribution by Honfleur artists to the Impressionist movement and later periods

Cover from Museum leaflet
Museum catalogue
René de Saint-Delis
The downstream cliff
Le clocher Sainte-Catherine,
Claude Monet, 1867  
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The bell tower of Sainte Catherine, located in the village of Honfleur in Normandy, is not actually connected to the church itself. The builders wanted to prevent the church roof from collapsing under the weight of the bells, and they also wanted to avoid a fire in the church in case the tower was hit by lightning.

Eugene Boudin 
Port de Dieppe 1896
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Shores of Normandy, 1866 –
Gustave Courbet
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Much like Constable Courbet was fascinated by the effects of light and climatic conditions and did many field studies of clouds.

Edmond Petitjean
Les falaises a Yport
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Museum Catalogue 



Eugene Boudin Musee Society leaflet



Photo Credit

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